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It has been proved historically that a LONG TERM INVESTOR always gain and to provide you all with the returns equivalent to long term investment with smaller time frame, we have introduced Delivery Plus Service. Don’t worry if you can’t wait in this dynamic market, as in this service we have reduced holding period significantly and still one can have returns equivalent to long term investment.

This service is aimed for medium term so as to avoid disadvantage caused to long term investors and frenzied pace of the day traders. We understand the value of fundamental stock-picking and selection of stocks on the basis of the financial health of companies.  We pay a special attention to the basic fundamentals of companies & the whole economy. After analyzing both the fundamentals and technical levels particular scrip will be selected which could easily generate returns.

Delivery Plus Package is also available for different market segments. One can select from investment in Equity, Equity Derivatives, Commodity & For-ex.


Advisor street

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  • We provide calls prior to market hours so that you can enter before price gets triggered.
  • All calls having proper Risk Reward Ratio.
  • Timely calls with follow up on target and stop loss.
  • Preferable for Swing traders.
  • Must enter in all calls to earn returns.
  • Number of calls will be 10 in a month excluding commodity and for-ex.
  • No trials will be given as targets will not reach same day.

  • Calling: No
  • SMS: Yes