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Customized Services

Hello Trader, You already know that identifying entries, stop losses, and target levels is critical to successful trading. Dr. Ashish Singh & the Adviser Street Team has been helping traders do just this for years. Better yet, he has developed a Research Base add-on that makes it a snap to incorporate his winning strategies into your trades. Best of all..

 Our securities professionals provide institutional clients with a wide range of products and services, giving them access to financial instruments and worldwide exchanges.

 Our research is centered on generating capital appreciation for the investor. The primary emphasis is on providing the investor with a degree of capital appreciation, superior to that of the returns from the commodity as represented by a market index over the longer term. An investor and thorough research effort combined with a disciplined portfolio management approach will enable out performance of the market index over time. Our expertise research analysis involves identification and analysis of various matrix framework of Company, Industry quantitative cumulative value analysis. Economic, technical Analysis, composite Scores, stock screeners, market Cap, PEG ratio, mosaic theory, hedge funds, institutional ownership, debt ratio, dividend yields, Earnings growth, cyclical Stocks.

 For clients interested in trading equities using a cash account, our experts can help find willing buyers and sellers, and can also use its own capital to provide liquidity in situations where it would otherwise be difficult or impossible to locate.

Our expertise research analysis involves identification and analysis of various matrix frameworks of Company, Industry, and Quantitative cumulative value analysis.  Technical Analysis  Composite Scores  Stock Screeners  Market Cap  PEG Ratio  Mosaic Theory  Hedge Funds  Institutional Ownership  Debt Ratio  Dividend Yields  Earnings Growth  Cyclical Stocks


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